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What is to provide truck dispatch service ?

What is to provide truck dispatch service Working in a company that provides Truck Dispatcher Service was never in my mind, I am studying a nursing career It is a great opportunity to work


Working in a company that provides truck dispatch service was never in my mind. I am studying a nursing career; My eyes always looked towards the world of health sciences, hospitals, and patients.

This job has been a drastic change in my life because I did not know everything about how to work in this area. We paid you in 24 hours 

It is a great opportunity that I am not missing. We must be open to learning something new every day. Logistics is necessary for everything.

As a truck dispatcher, it is necessary to keep track of itineraries with Brokers, Carriers, Drivers, and the other work team.

Work begins at 5 in the morning since the cargo market throughout the US is activated early, and we do not want to miss good cargo for our customers.

Arriving at the office, we prepare our desk to start the day. We call the drivers who were assigned to us; we must be aware of them.

We post and look for the best loads that the driver prefers. Until we obtain the approval of the carrier, we give the “Yes” to the broker to carry out the load.

It is important that you receive the download documentation (Proof of delivery). We frequently call the driver to keep the broker updated and check that the load is safe.

We try to load some trucks a day before so that the Driver/chauffeur leaves first thing in the morning and starts his day well.

We are a 24/7 Truck Dispatcher company, so we have staff for those clients who need help at any time while doing their work

As a work team, we must maintain good communication at all times, answer every call, read and answer every email, and support colleagues if necessary. Good service will always speak well of the company and will keep it on top to continue offering its service.