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Truck Drivers Dealing with Bad Brokers

Truck Drivers Dealing with Bad Brokers The Best truck Dispatching works together with Brokers and keeps the truck moving on the road, getting the best loads in logistics in the USA.

Truck Dispatch

Article Written By John Carlos Diaz

As a truck driver, you will face many problems, like dealing with good brokers and bad ones. We all wish to work with great brokers, but that's not the case.
Bad brokers are identified very quickly by their attitude towards you, they don't pay you on time, or they won't pay you at all. It's a hassle to get a lousy broker to pay you back. You constantly call or make complaints, but to no avail.
You don't have to worry or fret over it at our Truck Dispatch anymore. Our freight collections department will take care of it. This doesn't just apply to the overdue payment of a shipment deal. It can apply to any detention or damage caused by the company.

Be aware that if you wait more time to begin the collection process, the more likely you won't get paid. Do not be fooled by companies that say they will pay you or makeup excuses when they still retain your payment.

Truck Dispatching, we will personally start with the whole debt collection process

At Truck Dispatching, we will personally start with the whole debt collection process. This process consists of us making a report to our collections office with all the information about the indebted account. When we get all the info, our team at Truck Dispatch will start working on your case right away.
With our collection partnership, we update you with the only current event related to your case, so you don't have to worry about anything. Our team is specialized in handling even the most difficult of circumstances.
You might ask yourself how long will this take and will you get all your money back. It depends on how cooperative the company and the brokers are willing to be. Still, we will try our most challenging and secure all, if not at least, a large percentage of the money owed to you without inconveniencing you.
Our Truck Dispatcher office will make sure to fully understand your case to our full extent to recover the payment promised to you.
Our partnership with AFS will fully use all their power to persist and resolve your collection issues.
At 24/7 Truck Dispatch Service, we fully understand that handling these cases is hard to resolve on your own, and as a Truck Driver, they quickly dismiss you and don't pay you. At our company, we will help you step by step to obtain your payment.
A special thanks to our team at for helping our clients and us out.