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Guide for Truck Dispatch Service Career

Guide for truck dispatcher career the organization of the dispatcher's office does not require significant expenses. You will need a reliable computer, it is better if it has two monitors, or a laptop, special programs, a printer, a scanner and a fax. Also, for the organization of work, it is important to have high-speed Internet, preferably wireless. 

However, there are no special requirements for the location of the office in this Guide for truck dispatch career. The choice will depend solely on you and your manner of building a business. For the office, you can rent a special room, place it at home or even on a truck. For the convenience of users, a special virtual fax was also invented, which works using e-mail.

A similar service can be obtained on the following sites:, and others. Instead of a scanner, you can use an application in your phone like CamScan and other analogs.

This system makes it possible to receive faxes to e-mail and then print them. It will be possible to send documents for signature to the consignee or broker by fax on truck stops.

Usually, such services cost $ 1-2 on truck stops, but many drivers do not like that they have to wait a long time. You will also need an email address for business success. The email address should reflect the company's address and look professional. It is also important to think over how the message on the answering machine will sound, since even such a detail will affect the business reputation of your truck dispatch career.

 It is better to separate corporate mail of truck dispatcher usa career and an email address that will be used for personal purposes so that you can quickly find the letter you need. It is recommended to leave some free space in the cab of the truck to accommodate archive folders for storing documents. It is also recommended to take care of the presence of office supplies in the booth: paper, clips, staples, hole punches and sticky sheets. It is recommended to install one of the latest versions of the working atlas on the working computer.

Guide Business Contacts for truck dispatch career

Many companies, organizations and government agencies provide carriers with services, information and special software. Tools are important to both dispatchers and truck owners. Government agencies like the Federal Highway Administration publish laws, and Truck Companies, along with the Owner Operator Independent Driver Association (or O0ID), disseminate information through websites and publications. Below are the most significant contacts for dispatchers, categorized.

Guide Government agencies for truck dispatching career

The U.S. Department of Agriculture or USDA gives you the opportunity to check for free information such as licenses and disciplinary actions on each of the truck dispatch career


Guide Truck Dispatcher contracts

Based on the provisions of the freight-hauling contract, it is determined the need for double payment for transportation services by the senders of goods if, according to Title 49 of the U.S. Code will not be done by the broker Organization "TIA" proposed a new standard broker-carrier contract, which includes a clause that states that it is impossible to demand payment from the consignor if the latter makes a deduction in favor of the broker. Truck dispatch career drivers who sign such contracts voluntarily waive legal protection based on Title 49 of the U.S. Code. For this reason, you should carefully study the contract to make sure there are no such clauses.

Guide Brokers' documentation and papers for truck dispatch career

According to US law, brokers are required to have documents that qualify for transport intermediation services.

Based on 49 CFR 371.1, the following data must be provided:

The name, address and registration number of the consigner;

The bill of lading or freight bill number;

The amount of compensation received by the broker for the service performed and the name;

The amount of compensation for any non-brokerage services and the name of the payer

The amount of freight charges collected and the date collected;

Guide truck dispatching career documents 

Vend or Set- Up Package: at the stage of booking cargo, there is also the need to fill out various contracts and legal documentation, which is collectively referred to as the manufacturer's package. When working with a brokerage company for the first time, you will need to fill out Vend or Set-Up Package, and also provide: Certificate of liability insurance; Copy of your Carrier Authority issued by the USDOT/FMCSA: Completed W-9 form & several references.

Guide Insurance certificate for truck dispatcher career

At the request of the brokerage company, insurers can include them in the insurance certificate. This issue can be dealt with by employees of the insurance company, who will send all the necessary information to brokers by e-mail or fax.


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