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Honestly and safely the trust Truck Dispatcher

Since the creation of the company 24/7 Truck Dispatch Service we have worked honestly and safely, the trust and tranquility of our clients will always be our priority in logistics

As a truck dispatcher I must have extensive communication with drivers and brokers. We ask the driver to tell us the arrival time, the moment they start to load it and the departure time from the place. This way we have control and can safely search for your next load.

In every job there will be good days as well as bad. The problems that arise are:
Delay in pick-up or drop-off appointments due to a damaged tire, traffic or stoppage in the previous delivery.

How do we solve this? We tell the driver to send us evidence (photograph) of what is happening to send it to the broker and assign us a new time (appointment) in this way we avoid losing the load.

Truck dispatch in the United States is a job that has opened jobs to many people over the past few months thanks to the demand it has. New drivers continue to join our service every day.