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Rated truck dispatching history in the USA

Rated truck dispatching service Over the past 20 years, the procedure for dispatchers to work with cargo has noticeably changed, as well as the procedure for receiving them by owner-operator

Rated Truck Dispatching Service

Rated truck dispatching service Over the past 20 years, the procedure for dispatchers to work with cargo has noticeably changed, as well as the procedure for receiving them by owner-operators (owners of their trucks). Before the Internet, truck drivers and  owners worked with brokers in the city. After unloading, the trucker went to the Rated truck dispatching stop to discuss the new cargo with the brokers. 

At that time, carriers were not as well equipped

Only a few of them had pagers, and cell phones were not at all an affordable luxury. There were cases when drivers took loads from computer monitors that hung on the monitors of some Rated truck dispatching in the United States. At that time, the technique was much more primitive, so the business did not work as efficiently as it does now.

 Depending on the volume of cargo placed by brokers on the Rated truck dispatching stop computers, they were equipped with a certain number of telephone booths for making calls. Drivers often made additional stops along the way to contact brokers when they needed to clarify information or contact a directive. 

In the 80s of the last century truck dispatch service

The situation became somewhat easier, this was due to the invention of the first fax machines, thanks to which drivers were able to receive documents on the road. At that time, the real problem for Rated truck dispatching was the inability to check the broker ratings, so drivers had to rely solely on paid directories or paid subscriptions with broker ratings.

Rated truck Dispatching owner income (Owner Operators)

Not so long ago, one of the publications specializing in the topic of cargo transportation published a success story of a truck owner. The latter told the journalist about his plans, in particular, he said that in 2016 he plans to earn $240,000 with a net profit of $ 120,000.

The driver works in a personal Rated truck Dispatching for a third party company. For many truckers, the numbers seem unrealistic, while it is known for certain that the basis for writing this material was a real transport company. The question arises, how much can truck owners actually earn?

Rated truck Dispatching owner profit statistics

Based on the analysis of statistical data, it can be concluded that from the 3rd quarter of 2014 to the 2nd quarter of 2015, the revenue of Rated truck Dispatching owners varied from $ 4,000 to $ 9,000 per week, and after compensation of all expenses, the owners received a net profit in the amount of about half of the indicated amount.

That is, from $2000 to $4.500. However, another driver featured in this article, who also works on his own truck, said that he plans to earn about $ 48 thousand in 2016, based on this we can conclude that such a volume of profit is quite normal for him. Numerous examples also show that drivers with their own trucks can earn $ 180,000 to $ 240,000 a year "dirty". It can be quite difficult to calculate the net profit of each individual Rated truck Dispatching employee, due to the fact that the operating costs of each truck individually may differ, and this affects how much money the driver will have. 

Therefore, any driver should be aware of all costs and understand how to increase revenues by reducing operating costs. The owner's income also depends on the type of trailer, which can be for dry cargo, refrigerated trucks and others. Speaking on average, a truck owner who makes about 12 thousand loaded end empty miles can earn from 20 to 22 thousand dollars a month

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