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Dealing with Damage Cargo Truck Dispatching

Dealing with Damage Cargo Truck Dispatching Our company is one of the Top Truck Dispatch In The Country with the Best Truck Dispatchers in the U.S.A We have the best loads and the Best Rate for Truck

Damaged Cargo

Article Written by John Carlos Diaz

As a Truck Dispatcher Driver, you will come across an array of problems with this topic, such as when a product gets damaged during transit because they didn't strap it incorrectly, or even your truck could get damaged in this process.

As for damaged products, it usually is because the shipper was not careful with loading the product or wasn't strapped correctly for safe travel.

As a Truck Driver, you sometimes don't notice these types of mistakes because you are filling out paperwork, talking on the phone with your dispatcher because of a lumper fee, or other things. I suggest that you double-check the product that is getting loaded onto your truck so you don't have any of these inconveniences during a run.

When damages come with the product, usually the receiver doesn't want to take the damaged goods, or they end up damaging products because they poorly handle them; you have to be prepared that the receiver might leave the products on your truck even without your permission.

If it's food products, usually you can just donate them to a local food bank and present the receipt as proof of donation. If it's any other type of product, usually they leave them at the facility of the receiver, or they ask you to dump them if they are beyond salvaging.

When it comes to damages on your truck, they are usually caused by loading or unloading very heavy things off of your truck, or when they aren't careful with the equipment, they are using and cause damage to your truck. Hauling heavy or overweight loads could damage your truck's engine in several different ways; it could overheat it, make a pump burst, you could exhaust your engine.

You have to be careful with these types of loads.

At 24/7 Dispatch, we make sure that you only carry what you want, and the weight won't damage your truck in the process. Apart from damages like these, there could be fiscal damages to your trailer like dents or trailer shoots being damaged, your doors being damaged, or if you have a ramp that is damaged as well.

We will always help you out with these types of problems, especially if they want to charge you for damage you didn't cause to the product.

We are specially versed in these types of problems and will always be at your disposal to figure out all of your problems. Express Finances