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Probles Truck Have Truck Disptch Drivers

Problems truck drivers have with truck dispatch Our Freight Dispatcher would help you make your delivery easy and resolve any problems collect on lumbers and detection times

Problems Truck Drivers Have

Article Written By John Carlos Diaz

During my time as a Truck Dispatcher

During my time as a Truck Dispatcher, I've seen a number of problems. These problems can vary in solutions and in more problems. One of the most common problems is lumper fees and detention times.

There are a lot of times as a truck driver you have to pay certain fees that weren't mentioned, or you are held up for loading or unloading.

At 24/7 Truck Dispatching, we try to find a way to help you with your problem. An example of these problems is when you are getting loaded, and out of nowhere, right when you are going to leave, they charge you a lumper fee which can be charged for loading or unloading items from your truck. These are usually charged when a third party is used.

Usually, the driver is reimbursed for this cost, and there are good brokers that help you along the way; they help you resolve these problems, but not all brokers are good people that help you fix your problems.

It's a hassle to call brokers and have them not answer, or you don't understand what they are asking for, or you don't have all the paperwork on hand to handle this by yourself directly. These problems almost happen on a weekly basis, some brokers warn us about these lumper fees and immediately reimburse these pays, and you don't have to worry, but many brokers don't warn you about these things. Your truck dispatcher has to be capable and ready to find a solution to your problems; our capable team will help you find a solution to your problem or will make the broker make a compromise, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Detention times are after a certain amount of time that you are waiting to be loaded or unloaded; you are kept there for more than you are told to. Usually, these start after 2 hours of waiting, and depending on the policy, you could get an additional payment of around 10-25 dollars, maybe even more.

Sometimes these brokers or companies don't want to pay these detention times, so they don't lose money; our truck dispatch will make sure you get something back for losing time at a loading or unloading spot, so you don't lose your other loads.

Truck Drivers get stressed and tired of being ignored.

At 24/7 Truck Dispatch, our team will do our best to resolve all of your problems, so you don't have to worry about anything we paid you in 24 hours after your load is delivery with Express Finances