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How To become the best truck dispatcher it is necessary to have in mind four key factors for the effective performance of each dispatcher in the business. Responsibility, Communication, Trust and Performance


To become the best truck dispatcher, it is necessary to have in mind 4 key factors for the effective performance of each dispatcher in the business.

  • -Responsibility
  • -Communication
  • -Trust
  • -Performance

1- Responsibility

The first step to achieving work efficiency as a dispatcher is the job responsibility. The dispatcher must show responsible attitudes towards his clients and his employers. A good dispatcher is formed with a responsibility of his work, such as arriving on time to his workplace, finishing his pending of the day, forming a bond of responsibility towards his clients, and always trying to provide a good service.

The meaning of a responsible dispatcher is the meaning of an employee committed to his work. This is the reason why responsibility is the first step in the formation of a dispatcher.


A good dispatcher maintains excellent communication with his client in order to achieve his goals. In order to achieve good work efficiency, it is very necessary that both, as well as the truck driver and the dispatcher, maintain communication 24/7, even after the dispatcher's working hours since the logistics path is full of surprises, and you never know what a truck driver is going to find on the road. A truck driver would be upset if his dispatcher shows no communication with him; maybe he would think that the dispatcher is not interested in getting some job for his truck, or maybe that he is doing some other activities, leaving the truck driver in the background, in the same way, that a dispatcher would be upset if a truck driver does not keep him up to date on-road situations, an example would be for the truck driver to be on his way to deliver some cargo, but he gets stuck in an area full of traffic and is unable to move faster, maybe he would miss a delivery appointment and the brokers would be very upset about that lack of communication.

It is very important for the dispatcher to be the one who gives the first step towards communicating with his truck drivers since there are many circumstances where a truck driver needs to be able to have the advice of a professional. The truck driver can find himself many times in difficult situations, a brief example is when a truck driver arrives at a place to pick up cargo, but someone there tells him that the load is not ready or rescheduled for another day or simply the load was already taken hours ago by somebody else, that is where the dispatcher has to have communication with both his truck driver and the person who provided him with that cargo in order to give a solution to that situation for the benefits of both ends. A truck driver will always arrive at a new place to pick up cargo, places where they don't know anybody, and most of the time; they don't know who to go to if a situation occurs, the only contact he has at his disposal is his dispatcher.

The truck driver will always feel more comfortable if he knows that there is someone who can guide him when it's necessary.


A very important key so that the work can get ahead is trust; perhaps this is the key piece within the work since a good dispatcher generates a bond of trust with his truck drivers. It is very important that always exists total honesty on both sides, since the truck driver would not be happy if the dispatcher lies, telling him to travel a couple of miles when the route is actually farther away, in the same way, the dispatcher would not be happy if the truck driver does not arrive at his destination in a timely manner because it would only cause annoying calls and messages from the brokers asking for the whereabouts of the truck driver.

It is necessary that the dispatcher knows how to create bonds of trust with the brokers to be able to grab the best loads for their clients; if the dispatcher manages to create that link, it is very likely that in the near future, the broker will call asking for the truck driver to offer him some more loads.

Any person would be happy and would feel motivated if he meets a person who generates trust; for that reason, the dispatcher must generate that environment to achieve his goals.


All the actions mentioned above are those that define the excellent performance of a dispatcher.

A responsible dispatcher will always be on time and form at the time that his client needs it; in the same way, he will always finish his earrings of the day and completely finish each assigned task.

The dispatcher who always maintains communication with his truck drivers will always have an environment of security and trust.

A good dispatcher commits day today with his work, arriving in time and form in his workplace, arriving with a presentable aspect, attending and listening to his truckers with the best positive attitude.

A dispatcher who knows the main roads that connect to different cities will always have a great advantage over a dispatcher who poorly knows some routes, it may be that during the course of delivery occurs a car accident, heavy rains, landslides, or some other situation and the road gets closed, the dispatcher who has knowledge may be able to guide the truck driver to some other alternate way to reach his destination, the truck driver will be happy for the help, and the broker will be relieved that the product arrived in a timely manner, in this way, it is likely that in the future the company may again want to hire the truck driver's services for delivery.

In conclusion, a good dispatcher is not the one who moves a large number of loads per day. It is the one that shows interest, attention, and responsibility towards his truck drivers.

A truck dispatcher that keeps a truck driver busy for a long period of time will be more effective than a dispatcher that moves several loads per day, since the dispatcher that keeps the truck driver busy will keep that customer for a longer period of time, and the customer will also tell his friends or work partners about the efficiency of the dispatcher services generating a good reputation as an employee and generating more work for a period of time, on the other hand, the dispatcher that moves several loads may arrive at a time where he feels pressured and does not meet the performance to be able to move effectively his multiple trucks generating disgust among his different truck drivers and these, in turn, prefer to begin the search for someone else as a dispatcher.

Being a truck dispatcher is undoubtedly a great commitment. The world of logistics is full of ups and downs, and on numerous occasions, things may not go according to the plan; the most important thing for who is doing this job is to have the ability to solve each situation according to the most convenient for both ends.

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