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Truck Dispstcher Negotiating your truck

Truck Dispatcher  Negotiate your truck the highest paying loads for your trucks. Our truck dispatchers sgents will keep your truck moving.

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Article Written By John Carlos Diaz

Truck Dispatcher takes their time to look for a quality load

As a Truck Driver, you must understand that Truck Dispatcher takes their time to look for a quality load; you must trust your dispatcher's ability to rationalize and negotiate to help you get the best loads possible.

The way we find loads are by looking at load boards and having direct brokers contact us to take these loads. The loads we look at will always be according to your preferences. What's most important to us at our company is that you get the load that you want, at the price range you want.

We always make sure to consult our client before trying to take a load.When we find a perfect load that we know you will like. We call and try to start off negotiations to grab that load. Negotiations are made in a series of phases that we will mention:

In phase one, the dispatcher will identify the preferable load or something very close on the load board.

Phase two is calling and finding out more details if they aren't listed. For example; The Truck Dispatcher will ask for the type of load, the weight of the load, what time the pickup is, drop off if it's a direct trip or not, and price range.

The necessary essential details that the Truck Dispatcher

These are all the necessary essential details that the Truck Dispatcher will reconfirm and consult the client before starting the next step.

Phase three that a Truck Dispatcher will proceed with is the most crucial point in these steps; The Negotiation, this very important step is a Truck Dispatchers Job; they find a pretty good deal and turn it into an even better deal with this crucial part.

Usually, a Truck Dispatcher will negotiate prices, for example; A broker is paying 500 for a load to be transported 420 miles away from where they are, the dispatcher is going to relay these details to their client and make sure they want this, or they should start negotiating a higher price.

With the consent of the Truck Driver, the Truck Dispatcher will initiate negotiations.

The Truck Dispatcher will speak to the broker asking for a higher rating, sometimes asking for something a little higher than what the Truck Driver wanted. This part will allow the broker to decide on accepting and giving a higher rate.

If the broker agrees, they lock down the deal and start on the paperwork that the dispatcher will handle if the Truck Driver allows it.

This step is the most important for the Truck Dispatcher to fully complete. It allows the Truck Driver to get paid a higher rate.

At our company, our Truck Dispatchers excel at making great negotiation decisions, so you get more money every time for your truck. We don't force you to endure our Dispatch Services.