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March, 14 2013

By John Carlos Ortiz

Truck Dispatch is a great job and full of all challenges

Truck Dispatch is a great job and full of all challenges. I have worked in the industry for more than 8 Years. I started my journey when I quit my old job as a Freight Broker. All my experience is centered around making sales getting with Shippers, and working with all king carriers Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefers, and Sled Deck logistics has been part of my life because I learned how to deal with all kinds of mental stress and the most important deal with People. Communication, integrity, and responsibility are key to success in this industry. Truck Dispatching is a big puzzle that needs to be put together, and my puzzle is done. I put it together. I work with both Shippers and Brokers who pay the highest rate. I am working with Carriers who have great new trucks and equipment and, the most important thing, great drivers. As a truck dispatcher, it is my duty to work together with Shippers, Brokers, and carriers at the end of the day to get the job done.

This job has been very tough but not impossible. Being consistent is important. I am out of my bed around 4:30 AM. Although it is hard sometimes to be up early, I think of all the drivers and all the people I have to answer and all the bills I have to pay. Life is not easy, but someone has to do it. Being a truck dispatcher is not easy to buy. I love what I do, and I do it with a smile. All the rates and freight are different every day, and lots of challenges, but there is no problem without a solution.

Freight Dispatcher Services in the USA 

Dat Truck Dispatch Want to learn more about freight dispatchers and what they can do for your business?
Running a successful trucking business involves managing a lot of moving parts.

Freight dispatchers can take a piece off your plate by helping you find loads faster. We’ll help you understand the benefits of dispatchers v. self-dispatch with DAT.
Is a freight dispatcher right for your business?

Discover the difference between freight dispatchers and brokers.

 freight dispatcher right for your business?

Freight dispatchers represent carriers during freight negotiations to help you book the right loads.

Freight dispatchers are third parties who represent the carrier in freight negotiations.

They work with shippers and brokers on your behalf to find the best-paying loads that match your preferred lanes and equipment. When you get paid for delivering a load, the dispatcher takes a percentage off the top.

That means the more you make, the more they get paid — so they have plenty of incentive to keep you on the road.

Our sites that we recommend to also dispatch trucks are and and our page that is

To the casual observer there are many similarities between freight brokers and freight dispatchers, but it’s important to note the major differences.
Both freight dispatchers and brokers work as intermediaries, but freight dispatchers make a percentage of what your trucking company makes, meaning they have your best financial interests in mind. However, you need to be able to afford the cost of a dispatcher. 

Freight brokers often make money by negotiating rates with shippers and then negotiating different, lower rates with owner-operators to allow for a profit margin for the broker. Getting a good rate with a broker means being a skilled and knowledgeable negotiator.

Be your own freight dispatcher with DAT.