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Our funding program helps ensure that motor carriers and freight brokers will have the cash flow they need to keep their trucks rolling

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Truck Dispatching Service Plans

Truck Dispatching Services Plan Fees offers an array of loads to both owner-operators and small truck companies at an affordable rate in the United States of America for CDL drives and Let our experienced truck dispatchers help you negotiate the best possible rates for your fleet.


Pay to Go

We assist you in finding the best possible load for you. ANY TIME ANYWHERE in the USA

  • 1. We obtain the best highest payload.
  • 2. We run credit on all Brokers and Shippers.
  • 3. We help you all carrier set up and fax.
  • 4. All necessary paperwork.

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Dispatch Plus

Our office clerk keeps track of every load that has been transported by your company from start point to the end.

  • 1. Obtain the best, highest-paid load.
  • 2. Run credit all Brokers and Shippers.
  • 3. Carrier set up.
  • 4. Send you copies of
  • all rate confirmations.
  • 5. Keep track of all your loads' miles.
  • 6. Create all your invoices and collect payments.
  • 7. Road Assistance and Direction.
  • .
  • 8. Weekly Reports.
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Dispatch VIP

We manage your company. Call now for more information

  • Call now +1 888-970-5563 ask for more Information
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Our truck dispatcher negotiates the highest rates on your behalf and inform you of your freight options. You make the final decision.
Take advantage of these incredible truck Dispatching Services:

Reliable Truck Dispatching

• Directions for Loads

• Pick-up & Delivery Appointments

• Negotiations Made with Brokers
  to Get You More Money

• 24-Hour Service

• All Van & Refrigerated Trucks Kept Full

• Invoicing and Free Credit Checks

We Dispatch All Types of Equipment:

Dryvan Reefer Flatbed Steck Deck Power Only

Our truck Dispatching Services
Our experienced truck dispatchers set you up directly with the Shippers, Brokers, and factories. We fill out all the necessary paperwork. You work directly with the best Shippers and Brokers and they pay you. Our agents look at multiple load boards to find your dry freight and reefer loads. We keep you working and you do not leave your trucks stuck for days like some of the other truck dispatch services.

Low Fees

There are NO contracts. We know that it is difficult to make money and that is why we charge only a small Flat Fee for any load we find. This is the lowest service fees in the industry. Other dispatchers and brokers charge much higher fees and do not care about the service they provide to their drivers.

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