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How the industry of truck dispatcher has changed

Truck Dispatcher

This industry of truck dispatch has grown in past years. I remember in 2013 when I started my company 247 truck dispatch service at the time it was no many truck dispatcher

All my life, I had been in the industry of logistics in 2007. I started working in Star logistics; this company was a trucking company, and we had a Broker freight department; this job was my introduction to the transportation industry. In this, I learned how to work with CDL truck drivers and freight brokers; this job was very.

Excitingly I was new in the business before I started this job. I never drank coffee before but now my star with cut coffee and checking my emails.

Now, after many years working in the industry, my part of my life has seen how the industry has changed for the better now is easier how things are now technology has been taken over now it's easier how to set up companies with freight brokers and insurance companies.

Now looking for the best load for truck is easy, drivers more the ever now truck dispatcher has more tools to look for high payload now we have this load boards ( 123 load board, DAT, Truck Stop ) this are some of the tools we used for finding the best loads in the industry.

When truck drivers work together with truck dispatchers, things are easier for drivers. Why is it easier? The truck driver has to drive, and the truck dispatcher looks for the best load paid and makes all arrangements to make everything easier for the driver makes all the appointments necessary for pick up and delivery, and if there is a problem on the road, the truck dispatcher has to resolve all the problems for the trip.

Now my company, 24/7 Truck Dispatch Service, is one of the big truck dispatch firms in the USA. We are ranking number one in Google with more than 120 truck drivers, and we have a big network of freight Brokers and Shippers; and we continue to work hard to make the best for the drivers.