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Question: What if I choose not to take a freight load that you offer me?

Answer: We know that you may not like every load that we offer you, and if there is a load that does not suit your needs, then we will continue to look for a load that is acceptable for you.

Question: Does 24/7 Truck Dispatch Service do the invoicing for my company? And how am I paid?

Answer: We can do the invoicing for you for $15 per invoice. All the brokers will pay you directly, and how quickly you are paid depends on the broker.


Question: Do I need to fill out any broker set up packets for brokers that I have never done business with?

Answer: No. We will fill out all packets for you.


Question: What brokers do you conduct business with? And which load boards do you look at?

Answer: We only do business with the brokers that have a good reputation and that we know will pay you


Question: What do you need from me in order to begin work?

Answer: We need three things from you: a copy of your proof of insurance, your W-9, and your MC authority paper.


Question: Do I need to fill out any contracts in order to begin working with you?

Answer: No. There are no contracts to fill out with us; we only need the three items mentioned above in order to begin working together, and there is only one interview.


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