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Truck Dispatch

March, 14 2013

By John Carlos Ortiz

Truck Dispatch is a great job and full of all challenges. I work in the Industry for more than 8 Years I started my journey when I quit my old job as a Freight Broker. All my experience is centered around doing sales getting with Shippers and working with all king carriers Dry Van, Flatbed, Reefers and Sled Deck logistics is been part of my life because I learned how to deal with all kind of mental stress and the most important deal with People. Communication, integrity, and responsibility are key for success in this industry. Truck Dispatching is a big puzzle that needs to be put together and my puzzle is done. I put it together. I work both Shippers and Brokers pays the most high rate. I am working with Carriers who have great new trucks and equipment and the most important thing, great drivers. As a truck dispatcher it is my duty to work together with Shippers, Brokers, and carries at the end of the day tp get the job done.

This job has been very tough but not impossible. Being consistent is important. I am out of my bed around 4:30 AM. Although it is hard sometimes to be up early, I think of all the drivers and all the people I have to answer and all the bills I have to pay. Life is not easy but someone has to do it. Being truck dispatcher is not east buy I love what I do and I do it with a smile. All the rate and freight are different every day and lot's of challenges but there is no problem without a solution.