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Advantages of having a Truck Dispatcher

Advantages of having a truck dispatch and having a truck dispatching By assigning a truck dispatcher you will give him instructions or ideas on how you want to work and move your trucks

Truck Dispatcher

By assigning a truck dispatcher

By assigning a truck dispatcher, you will give him instructions or ideas on how you want to work and move your trucks. Every morning when entering the office they must contact you. The dispatcher will post your truck in the city where you are; the dispatcher will offer you the best loads available with favorable prices and hours. We cannot accept anything without your authorization.

The paperwork will be submitted and processed. Upon receiving your confirmation, we will send it to you so that you can start your first load. While you are in charge of having the first coffee of the day or carrying out any other activity, we will be working for you, being your sole responsibility to arrive on time for the pick-up and drop-off appointment. You should notify us of any event that occurred during the upload, as we must contact the broker immediately. We do our best to resolve problems in a timely manner so as not to affect schedules. We must ask for extra money for pick-up and drop-off (according to the rules of each company) with proof of time of entry and exit in POD. Lumpers will be reimbursed with a ticket. All documents must be sent immediately and clearly visible.

Any questions you have will be resolved by the dispatcher. Communication between dispatcher and driver is of utmost importance. Good teamwork makes work easier. and you get pay in 24 hours after the delivery your loads